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Theatre Organ in a Box


Q. I've seen PC software-based Theatre Organ emulators (e.g. MidiTzer & Hauptwerk). Can I operate the Theatre Organ in a Box in the same way?


A. Our approach is a little different. We have sampled combinations plus individual ranks, and made them available as pre-set settings or "Registrations".               Some of these are "solo" voices, some small combinations and some large.


covering most of the favourite settings from theatre organists with whom we have had contact.


You can also make up your own , but this cannot be done "on the fly". You need to set your own and save them , so they work like thumb pistons.


The advantages of this are that you can have "instant gratification" by using the patches we have made, or spend some time to make or fine tune your own.




Q. Are your samples available for sound modules/samplers other than those shown ?


A. At present, we support the V3 Ultra~plus, Yamaha Tyros 2 onward and Ketron . Support for other modules may be developed in the future.


Q. Are your samples available for Yamaha Tyros 2?


A. Yes some are, most are for the Tyros 3 onward as these have faster load times.

 Please see the Tyros section of the website for more details.

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