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Frequently asked Questions:

Theatre Organ in a Box

Q. I've seen PC software-based Theatre Organ emulators (e.g. MidiTzer & Hauptwerk). Can I operate the Theatre Organ in a Box in the same way?

A. Our approach is a little different. We have sampled combinations plus individual ranks, and made them available as pre-set settings or "patches" as Roland call them. Some of these are "solo" voices, some small combinations and some large.

The solo ranks are available with and without tremulant. There are around 250
of these "patches" ready programmed on the card, covering most of the favourite settings from theatre organists with whom we have had contact.

You can also make up your own "patches", but this cannot be done "on the fly". You need to set your own and save them on the Fantom, so they work like thumb pistons.

The advantages of this are that you can have "instant gratification" by using the patches we have made, or spend some time to make or fine tune your own.

Another advantage is there are solo and combination samples from FIVE different installations, giving you over THIRTY SIX virtual ranks!

Q. I already own a Roland Fantom XR module. Can I buy just your samples to use in my machine?

A. Yes you can. Your Fantom XR will need to have sample memory expansion fitted (512MB). We can supply the additional memory if required. Please enquire for memory prices.

Q. Can I control the Fantom XR from my keyboard/organ?

A. That depends on the MIDI specification of your instrument. However, most modern keyboards and organs are MIDI-enabled. The Roland Fantom XR has a comprehensive MIDI specification and can be set-up and adjusted in many ways. If in doubt, please contact us for futher information or check the support forum.

Q. How long does it take for your samples to be loaded into the Fantom XR?

A. In common with most, if not all, samplers currently available, the Roland Fantom XR does not retain sample data when switched off. This means that each time the Fantom is switched on, the sample data has to be loaded from the memory card (an automatic process). Our Theatre Pipe Organ samples take approximately 18 minutes to load.

Q. Are your samples available for sound modules/samplers other than the Fantom XR?

A. At present, we support the Roland Fantom XR, Yamaha Tyros 2/3/4 and Ketron SD1/X1/X4 only. Support for other modules may be developed in the future.

Q. Are your samples available for Yamaha Tyros 2?

A. Yes some are, most are for the Tyros 3 and 4 as these have faster load times.
 Please see the Tyros section of the website for more details.

Ketron Sample Discs

Q. Can I use your Ketron samples on my Ketron XD3 sound module?

A. We currently support the Ketron SD1, X1 and X4 products (fitted with hard drive) also the Audya range
Support for additional Ketron instruments may be added in the future.

Audio CDs

Q. What instrument does Reg Rawlings play on his 'Phantom of the Tower' CD recording?

A. Reg plays a MIDI-enabled accordion connected to the Roland Fantom XR module, loaded with our Theatre Organ samples.

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